Laugh it up this February with world famous comedian Russel Peters

“Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.”

If stand-up comedy is your thing, this catch-phrase will not come as something new to you. But what might be, is that the ever-popular funnyman behind it, Russell Peters is coming to Kenya!!!

Straight off of NBC’s Hit show, Last Comic Standing and the critically acclaimed movie, Chef, and of course, Netflix; ​Canada’s number one stand-up export, RUSSELL PETERS returns with ALL NEW MATERIAL for his ALMOST FAMOUS WORLD TOUR and will grace the Carnivore stage on February 8th 2015.



Bringing his brand of stream-of-consciousness storytelling and some all new material, the top Indo-Canadian comic will no doubt give fans their fair share of belly laughs and lightning-quick wit, so be get ready to laugh it up.

In case you’re not familiar with him, Russel Peters is an Award-winning, globally-acclaimed stand-up comedian and actor,  who has set records for sales and attendance at his shows around the world.


In 2007, he was the first comedian to sell-out Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, in 2009 he set another sales record at London’s 02 Arena when he sold over 16 000 tickets to his show, and in 2010, he performed for an audience of over 13 800 in Sydney, Australia, which was the largest stand-up comedy show in Australian history.

His 2012 Notorious World Tour is also one of the biggest comedy tours ever. The tour took Peters to 26 countries and over 200 performances, with over than 300 000 fans attending his shows globally.

Peters’ stand-up performances feature observational comedy, using humour to highlight racial, ethnic, class and cultural stereotypes. He often refers to his own experiences growing up in an Indian family, and impersonates the accents of various ethnic groups to poke fun at them.

He was listed on Forbes  as one of the top ten Highest Earning Comics in the United States since 2009, Peters has spent the past 25 years building a career to become one of the biggest comics in the world.


Peters can currently be seen as a judge on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, alongside Roseanne Barr and Keenen Ivory Wayans.

Russel Peters is known for the punchlines; “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.” which ends a joke he tells about his childhood with a traditional Indian father, who used corporal punishment on his sons. and “Be a man! Do the right thing!”, which relates to a story of a Chinese man trying to get him to pay more for an item at a shop.

His performance in Kenya is courtesy of Ranee Productions and will be hosted at the Churchill show.
Be prepped for an evening filled with laughs.


Ticket                                                                                                                     Unit Cost

SILVER CIRCLE TICKET                                           Kshs 5,000

Closes on Sunday, 8th Feb, 2015 @ 04:00 pm

GOLD CIRCLE TICKET                                          Kshs 10,000

Closes on Sunday, 8th Feb, 2015 @ 04:00 pm

PLATINUM TICKET                                                 Kshs 15,000

Closes on Sunday, 8th Feb, 2015 @ 04:00 pm




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