Portraying Kenya’s Magnificence; Safaricom

Nafurahia undugu na ukoo wetu (I rejoice our brotherhood and family)…these are the first words that welcome you to this enchanting ad and with a spectacular view of Mount Kenya to top it. Despite lots of talk regarding Niko Na (title of the ad)…taking a glance at it for the first time one would need no persuasion placing it in the tourism sector right? Not only is this not a tourism ad (it would be awesome if it was), it comes to many a surprise as a mobile network operator’s ad. Safaricom went on a level high on this one ( Qantas controversy aside) showcasing Kenya’s beauty and all the magnificence it has to offer.

From here the ads could only be expected to go a notch higher, then comes the current ad Naweza (I can)…a continuation of the previous…Hence Niko na Safaricom, Naweza (I have Safaricom, therefore I can). Many can surely attest to the fact that had it not been for the ads, they would still be in oblivion to some of the regions showcased existing in Kenya.

The ads take only a minute or so, but the work behind that magical minute, we can only try to comprehend the energy, dedication and manpower that goes in to all that. Kudos! Safaricom for the beauty portrayed…Kenya Tourism Board should definitely borrow a leaf. Below we take a look at the making of the ads and how much goes into producing perfection.


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