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Valley Coffee Shake

Having been away from the Nairobi scene in a while means I have missed out on some good things. One of these good things, the Valley Coffee Shake!!

With some hours to spare before my departure from Nairobi last week, a friend suggested we meet at valley coffee shake. At first I was skeptical because from where I was at the time, that meant walking and having lately developed a major love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with walking,  yes I have become very lazy! but am working on it, this didn’t seem like a very good option for me. Nonetheless, I did find my way to valley coffee because what else would I have done in those 3hrs?

Since my friend was running a little late, I got some ample time to survey the place and get a feel of the establishment’s personality.

The space serves dual duty as a business center and cafe with a full functioning state of the art boardroom inclusive of a modern projector, high-speed Free Wi-Fi Internet access and an AC system. If you are in a fix for a meeting place, or simply just enjoy a relaxed working environment – just you, your computer and a latte, don’t bother looking elsewhere.



Valley Coffee Shake comes with some great balcony space, nice view of the city and awesome ambiance. When I arrived, the balcony was full so sadly I missed out on the best seats of the house.

If I could rate the service we got that evening on a scale of 1 to 10, it would probably be above 10. Here’s why, I ordered a plate of Masala fries and a glass of cocktail juice whereas my friend ordered only a glass of juice. Normally, when I order Masala fries, the restaurants take a long while to bring out my plate and when it arrives, the fries are usually all soggy. Personally, I love chips za kukaushwa!! This time my food came out in good time and just the way I like it.

photo credit: Nick Smilez Mutinda


Why I say the service was above and beyond, once the server  brought  my plate, he asked if the portion was enough or if perhaps they should add some more. I usually have trouble just getting through a full portion of fries (by a full portion in my case, lets just say some people would starve) but just to see if he was serious, I obliged to them adding some more. Usually in such a scenario, the server would just laugh and walk off right? well, not this time. To my surprise, he took my plate and walked off only to come back with an extra saucer of fries. This was a first!!

As we were still trying to grasp what had just happened, ’cause let’s be honest such hospitality in kenyan cafe’s is raaaaare!!!, the  server came back to our table…with another saucer of fries. Okay, either this guy was pranking us just to see our reaction and he was coming back for the two saucers, or valley coffee was feeling extra generous that evening. My friend thought the guy just liked me. Either way, there was no loss because my friend was lucky enough to have some fries he hadn’t ordered for having ordered only a glass of juice (besides, the extra fries weren’t that much. The fact that we were actually given something extra was what was so surprising), and the cafe gained a return customer!!! win-win situation.

Sadly, I didn’t quite catch our server’s name, nonetheless he is highly recommended. Good quality service.

photo credit: thefoodistblog
2014-12-05 15.32.56
photo credit: thefoodistblog

All that said, the food here is really good with greater variety and larger portions in comparison to similar establishments in the city. Even ordering just sides makes for a great meal. And what they refer to here as a small glass, well let’s just say drinks here are well worth it! Really loved their tropical cocktail mix as well and the fact that their is no sugar added allegedly, was a plus for me.

Price: Masala Fries: Ksh. 300

Boardroom Service Charge:
First hour: KShs. 1,500 Subsequent hours: @ KShs. 1,000
Location: Yala Tower, 3rd Floor. At the junction of Biashara and Koinange Streets, Nairobi.
Come hungry. Leave happy.

#NRW2015 Featured On NTV’s AM Live

Nairobi Restaurant Week is all the rage right now. Even the hosts of NTV AM Live, Sheila Mwanyigha and Kobi Kihara wanted to get in on it. The two hosted EatOut Kenya CEO, Mikul Shah, and Brew Bistro Lounge’s Soraiya Ladak and Chef Hector Sanchez for a morning chat about Nairobi’s only 10 day culinary event.

What does it take to feature in Nairobi Restaurant Week?

Mikul and Soraiya did a fantastic job of walking the hosts through the concept, where it came from and what the plan is for this year.

Chef Hector even did a live preparation of omena! OMENA! Can we adopt this one? I think we can adopt this one!

– Andrew Onyango, Eatout

Chakula Chetu (our food)

You simply cannot claim to have been to Kenya having not sampled a taste of our varied ethnic flavors. No offense to the cuisine and delicacies offered at resorts, lodges and so forth (Tourists are more or less familiar with this tastes seeing as most are international cuisines) but ethnic Kenyan food will without a doubt be your taste buds’ new found love.  Getting to sample a people’s type of food gives you the true cultural experience I think.


Being a country of many tribes we sure do have a lot to offer food-wise seeing as every single ethnic group has a certain select meal they’d term as their own staple. Ranging from the sweet flavors of the coast to the love of ingokho (chicken) in the west, the simple adoration of fish in the south as well as the dedication to tubers and legumes in central,  Kenya is definitely your one stop shop for all things organic.


Kuku wa kupaka (chicken soaked in coconut sauce)

One thing is for sure though, walk through any Kenyan household and you won’t fail to find maize flour, the main ingredient for Kenya’s staple food Ugali. Tasteless on its own, this delicacy goes well with Sukuma Wiki ( literally push-the-week) – collard greens, or the otherwise people’s favorite Nyama Choma (roast meet).


If you are yet to enjoy the sumptuous Kenyan tastes, let this be the first thing you do next time you are in Kenya.














wali nyama na mayai