The Junction

The Junction stands out with 256 thousand square feet of floor space, 115 stores from top international and local brands, signature restaurants, as well as recreation and entertainment facilities. This is your one-stop shop for everything you could need from Ladies, Men & Children’s Fashion & Accessories, Sports, Fitness & Active Wear, Handbags & Footwear ,Jewellers & Watches, IT, Mobile & Electronics, Books, Toys, Music & Stationery, Media & Entertainment, a Casino, Florist, Art Gallery, Home & Kitchenware, Furniture & Furnishings Gifts & Fineware , Handicrafts, a Green Grocer, Tours & Travel, Restaurants, Coffee Bars, Cafes and according to 2011 Taste Awards, one of the best Food Courts in  Kenya. Service outlets include Medical and Pharmacy, Optical & Dental Services, Banking, ATM’s & Forex Bureau, Beauty & Haircare, Drycleaning, Photographic Services, a Courier & Business Centre, Internet hotspots courtesy of Wazi WiFi as well as many Specialty stores. Junction mall is anchored by Nakumatt.






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This and much more at the Junction…


You can also get to enjoy Maasai Market and get yourself lots of Memorabilia.



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