Beautiful Capturings


Don’t you like the mannerisms of lions at a waterhole ……. others drink, others keep guard … I think that helps them be at the top of the food chain …




Come, I’ll show you a place where we can leave the world behind and be one with nature.


… if only we opened our eyes and see the beautiful sights that surround us then we would see the Love and Trust that God has in us; to create very beautiful things (nature) and leave it under our care … believe me friends, God Trusts us with very big responsibilities and has confidence in us (through HIS strength in which we can do all things or all things are made possible). If we can take care of creation, everything good in creation will follow us.


Chit-chat at the waterhole ….


There’s something about Kilifi that attracts you, amazes you and make you feel high! The endless view of the sisal plantations, the massive baobabs that dot the regions past Takaungu and the gentle rolling hills … Kenya is full of friendly people – Kilifi is blessed with the friendliest of people (with a rich cultural heritage) in Kenya … has huge variety of birds … and white sandy beaches …. take a peak at Mnarani Club from the region near Tusky’s Supermarket across the bridge.


Good morning friends … is it not so beautiful to see this rhino herd in one place ??? Poaching is a despicable crime against our wildlife and trading in animal parts must be stopped by all means.


I believe that there are other animals that have never seen other animals before … clearly this spoon billed stock had never seen an agama lizard before, what with that look and one leg curled up? From the look of things each is wary of the other lol!

Lion taking cover from the hot sun under an aeroplane in the Masai Mara … 

There is a misty wilderness lying 400 metres above sea level and just 30km outside Mombasa, one of the last remaining coastal rainforests on earth – The Shimba Hills National Reserve, the only home of the Sable Antelope in Kenya and the abode of forest elephants (among other wild animals) who are always there watching you … but you got to pay good attention to spot them 

There’s trouble brewing here … silverback you better get out of the way ……. 

8005_10200964315850569_1338212745_n 21929_10200202653049475_1987115831_n




Tsavo River – a raging chocolate colored river home to crocodiles and hippo – we had one snort but could not see it – the sounds of nature filled the air – to be honest this is a nerve racking part of Tsavo West – if you happen to be here alone you will want to leave in a hurry



Kutazama – just outside Mombasa – 50 km from the city Center – Suitable for day tours or 1 overnight (or more).

Kutazama is set on an escarpment overlooking the Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary in Shimba Hills National Reserve and has spectacular views over uninhabited plains and forests, stretching as far as Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen on a clear day


Sunset over the Mara…stunning!!


Lugard’s Falls – Tsavo East National Park: Named after the Britain’s first proconsul of East Africa, Captain Lugard, the Lugard’s falls are in fact rapids where Galana river disappears into a rocky gorge so narrow at one part that it is possible to stand astride the cleft with the falls below. The beauty of the site are the multicoloured rocks carved over centuries by the water and taking fantastic shapes. The rapids, becoming ravaging floods during the rain seasons, plunge into a large pool below where giant crocodiles are resting and lying onto sandbanks.



The Vulturine Guinea fowl is the largest and the most spectacular species of Guinea fowl and is excellently adapted to living in dry African regions, being able to live for a long time without water, obtaining all the necessary fluid from its food which include acacia tree leaves.

Photo credits: Benson .M. Mwakugu

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