Kenyans unite to assist Westgate Mall Attack victims

Following the Westgate Mall attack yesterday, Kenyans have turned up in large numbers to donate blood for victims. Various designated blood donation centers in the country include Kencom and Moi sports centre Kasarani (where the Safaricom7s is underway) in Nairobi, Koblenz hall, Agha Khan Hospital and Pandya Hospital in Mombasa, Agha Khan Hospital in Kisumu, Moi teaching & referral hospital in Eldoret amongst others. Many other Kenyans have as well donated foodstuffs for the victims, even prepared breakfast meals for the security officers, press and all others who had camped at the site of the attack throughout the night.

1240023_596222103770434_1694828914_n BUwi0rVCEAAb6F2Photo Credit: Kenya red cross society

The death toll has sadly risen to 59 people with 175 people wounded, as per Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku’s latest statement. The Cabinet Secretary states that the siege at the mall continues, but the security forces are in a “delicate” rescue mission that has seen over 1,000 people rescued from the mall since the Saturday morning attack.

The unity and goodwill showcased by Kenyans at large has been extremely encouraging and it indeed goes to show that we are one irregardless of color, race, tribe and even religion. Condolences to all who have lost loved ones as we continue to pray for you and those still held hostage and those in hospitals.

04db959ab2430e0f3103feff0aec775bpeace in kenya photos

Some of the images captured following the attack yesterday…

article-2427892-1823F70700000578-332_964x696Women carrying children run for safety as armed police hunt gunmen who went on a shooting spree in Westgate shopping centre

Photo Credit: Reuters

article-2427892-18240A6100000578-448_964x644A child runs to safety across the shopping mall  Photo Credit: Reuters

article-2427892-1824B23800000578-239_964x641A mother and her children lie on the floor as they attempt to hide while the gunmen armed with automatic weapons go on the rampage Photo Credit: Reuters

Death toll hits 30 after Nairobi shopping mall attack

65dba52ee0b6071f3e0f6a7067000b41Armed special forces aim their weapons at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013, after gunmen threw grenades and opened fire during an attack that left multiple dead and dozens wounded. Photo Credit: Khalil Senosi


A rescue worker helps a child outside the Westgate Mall,  Photo credit: Riccardo Gangale


Photo Credit: Jonathan Kalan


An armed police officer takes cover during a bout of gunfire outside the Westgate Mall. Photo Credit: Ben Curtis


A Red Cross assistant helps a child outside the Westgate Mall. Photo Credit: Khalil Senosi



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