Why we love: John Kaveke, Kenya’s revered fashion designer

He is without a doubt a famed designer with his works having attracted a myriad of following not just in Kenya but beyond. John Kaveke began his journey at Woodgrove Fashion College in Kenya and later on headed to Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona. He worked as as a designer at other fashion labels before deciding to tread on his own path.

Kaveke has delved into men’s fashion; an area not touched by many, and his designs have had the pleasure of gracing a wide range of catwalks that include; Sarajevo Fashion Week, Bosnia, Hub of Africa in Ethiopia, Swahili Fashion Week in Tanzania, Catwalk Kenya, Festival for African Fashion and Art or FAFA Kenya, the International Smirnoff Fashion Awards, London Fashion Week…the list is endless.

Not only is he an edgy contemporary designer, Kaveke boasts of being involved in a number of successful fashion projects; being part of the Kenyan national dress design team, the International Smirnoff fashion Awards, creating Kenya’s representative’s (Big Brother Africa) Garment, M-Net’s Face of Africa, Sarajevo Fashion Week and Catwalk Kenya among others.

John Kaveke is indeed an inspiration to many an upcoming designers both in Kenya and Africa as a whole. We salute you for job well done!!


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