You know you were born and raised in Kenya when…

Every friend of your parents who came to visit was “auntie” or “uncle.”

Eating at the neighbour’s was a punishable offense!

Soda in the house? Either your parents were in a REALLY good mood or there were visitors coming over.

raised in kenya - zuru kenya

You’ve been told to stop crying or you’ll get something to cry about.

raised in kenya - zuru kenya

Doing well in school is not an option. There should be no excuse as to why you were anything but “number 1” in class. Getting a test score of 98% is not that impressive, “What happened to the other 2 percent?” And why in the world should you get a B, “The person who got an A, do they have three heads?” (Just so you know, every parent was “number 1” in class and got a distinction during their time!)

raised in kenya- zuru kenya

“In my days”, “When I was you age”, “Let me tell you a story”, “In my time”, and more similar phrases usually lead to a 2 hour lecture on how things were harder for your parents.

Your parents encouraged you to follow your dreams. But that dream better be to become a doctor, lawyer or politician.

raised in kenya - zuru kenya

Your house is free for all. Relatives will be well some just gave the excuse of coming to stay for a day or two…a month later?! invited to stay for an extended-period of time.

raised in kenya - zuru kenya

Your parents will call you from upstairs, downstairs, outside, etc., to hand them an item that is literally 10 centimeters away from them.

God help you if you’re living under your parent’s roof and you yell at them, slam a door in anger, and/or curse in their presence. Yeah, God help you.

You ask for permission to go for a sleepover or to visit a friend and the reply you get is “Must you be the one to go there? Why can’t they come to visit you?”

The youngest child will be blamed for everything….until he or she is able to talk and the oldest will be blamed for everything that the younger children do.

You will probably never meet all of your extended family because there are just so many of them.

raised in kenya - zuru kenya

Your friends better greet your parents first when they see them or that friendship is pretty much over! RESPECT

raised in kenya - zuru kenya

If you are called out by your full name, and your native language is also being spoken, the day shall not pass without tears.

Attending “SHOW” (Agricultural Society of Kenya Shows) was the thing!

Your mom had special crockery that you were not to touch! for guests only!

There was a list of neighbors and relatives where you were not to dare step into.

raised in kenya - zuru kenya

The best time to ask for stuff is when visitors were around.




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