Jaspreet Chatthe claims KCB Voi Rally

This past weekend we drove down to Rukinga Ranch to catch some action of the KCB Voi Rally.

The one-day event which took place on Saturday the 6th, was flagged off at the KCB Voi Branch after which, rally traffic proceeded to Voi stadium for the spectator stage at 3 minutes intervals as par the start order.

After flag-off, cars transported directly to Rukinga Ranch Service from where they were to tackle competitive sections among them, Simba (51km), Ndovu (33km) and Twiga (16km) stages. Simba, Ndovu and Twiga were repeated twice to make up a competitive mileage of 202km. The total distance of the rally was 274km.

The KCB Voi Rally attracted a star-studded entry of 53 cars featuring three Super 2000 cars, a myriad Group N cars, two Ford Fiesta R5s, two–wheel drive Toyotas, Classic Porsches and Ford Escorts, Group “S” Subaru and Mitsubishi machines and specially prepared vehicles (SPVs) which are non-homologated.

KNRC’s current leader Jaspreet ‘Jassi’ Chatthe who also tops the FIA African Rally Championship (ARC) log secured his second win of the 2015 KCB Kenya National Rally Championship series at the event. Driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo10 under the ‘Team Kibos’ livery, he led from start to extend his lead at the top of the standings.

Jassi was using  the Voi Rally to shape up for the Oryx Energies Rally of Tanzania next weekend.

“We just want to remain consistent and clean in the remaining events hoping that nothing unexpected happens. Its a busy season for us running in both the ARC and KNRC,” said Chatthe.

National champion Baldev Chager was placed second overall in a similar machine, a mere 33 seconds behind the leader. With a sole Skoda, Quentin Mitchell took third place.

The KCB Voi Rally was the first ever in the history of the KNRC series to go “carbon neutral” at Rukinga Ranch – which is part of a group called Wildlife Works. The event had been designed not to add carbon to the air.

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