Minnesota photographer’s images of Kenya’s “Action for Children in Conflict” featured in the 4th edition of PWB magazine

November 1, 2015, Photographers Without Borders will launch the 4th edition of their self-titled magazine. Featured in the magazine is a photo documentary story by Jenna Ammerman, a photographer who travelled to Kenya to document the impacts of an NGO called Action for Children in Conflict. This organization visualizes a world having equal and sustainable opportunities for every child through appropriate interventions to give communities, in Kenya, the capacity to protect the rights of children and youth. Ammerman collects, shares memories, and photographs the lives of bright souls and strange friendships where ever she goes.

Photo of Jenna Rae Ammerman 
Photo of Jenna Rae Ammerman; source – PWD

Photographers Without Borders (PWB) will launch its fourth issue of magazine on November 1, 2015. The magazine features significant and positive changes done by grassroots charities and NGOs to communities across the globe.

Founded by photographer/director Danielle Da Silva in 2009, Photographers Without Borders is a non-profit organization in Toronto that aims to make a difference through photography.

Photographers Without Borders® (PWB) visually communicates ways that grassroots initiatives are addressing global issues. They cover the stories of grassroots initiatives all over the world who contribute to sustainable development and conservation. The original images that PWB photographers produce are donated to the initiative being documented so that they may better visually communicate their stories.

The magazine will be available for purchase November 1st here: http://www.photographerswithoutborders.org/pwbmagazine
Ebook is also available in Apple’s iBook store:


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