The Ultimate Luxury Hotel in the Heart of Africa



Make some time for rooftop cocktails and shisha. (Photo: Tribe)

“You never know who you’ll run into at the Tribe.” That’s what the locals and visitors consistently say about this luxury property in Nairobi.

It’s true. The Tribe has become a go-to destination for visitors here from movie stars, heads of state, famous chefs, supermodels and the adventurous tourist.

Kenya’s bustling capital city, Nairobi, has quite the split personality these days.

The vibrant, thriving metropolis with rich culture and cosmopolitan flair shares its boundaries with an expansive National Park and game reserve.

Interestingly, the 137-room Tribe Hotel is a perfect reflection of the city’s duality. The contemporary and sleek architectural property pays perfect homage to Kenya’s wide ranging historic and natural wonders.

The Vibe

The hotel is serene and sanctuary-like, making you feel soothed and welcome from the moment you set foot inside the lobby. Warm, wide smiles greet you at every turn and the blend of modern design and beautiful displays of African Art give the space a sophisticated style that is elegant but unpretentious. Everywhere you look there are colorful carvings, paintings, tapestries and unique pieces of furniture that blend will with the angled rooms and spaces. The bedrooms are designed to be calming but highly functional while common areas, and there are many, are warm and inviting.

The Location

Tribe Hotel is located in a quiet upmarket suburb in the northern part of the city. While this area is certainly a distance from the busier city centre and airport, it is just steps from the Village Market – an upscale shopping area with plentiful shops and dining options. Nearby is also the Friday Maasai market, a great place to purchase local crafts, and the Karura forest is also walking distance away. Most other attractions are a taxi ride away.

The Rooms 

Rooms are bright, clean and comfortable while each is uniquely floor-planned and decorated, again with a mixture of original artwork and en vogue styling. Several feature a loft-style, split level lay out that is spacious and well-suited to those who like to work and relax in their room.



Rooms combine modern luxury with gorgeous local art. (Photo: Tribe)

The adjoining bathrooms are sleek and well-appointed with large soaking tub and open showers. One unusual aspect in some of the suites is a glass sliding wall that separates the bedroom from the bathroom. While it opens up the space and gives you a nice view of the beautifully designed bathroom, it provides little sound insulation and therefore privacy. So if you are cohabiting in the room, be prepared to share a whole lot more than just your space.

The Food 

The hotel’s main restaurant, Jiko, has an extensive and well curated menu of tasty international options from soups, salads and pasta to burgers, sushi and traditional steaks and seafood dishes.



Indulge in delicious homemade sweets at the aptly named Suite 101. (Photo: Tribe)

The included daily buffet breakfast is plentiful and nicely laid out.

The Staff

Service standards at The Tribe Hotel are unparalleled and the staff might just be the highlight of your stay. They are impeccably courteous, and helpful, almost to the point of it being frustrating, but in no way does it feel false or forced. Each and every member of the team loves their job, it oozes from them, and their attention to detail provides a truly personalized service.  So, if you want to be pampered and well taken care of, this is the place.

Added Bonuses

The luxurious spa is excellent with treatments ranging from hot stone massage and body wraps to facials and chemical peels, while the fitness centre is well equipped, even featuring a boxing area, and is staffed with personal trainers – an unusual addition to a hotel gym.



Nairobi is a city known for its wicked traffic. Let Tribe’s drivers get you where you need to go. (Photo: Tribe)

The hotel also has its own Range Rover which can be rented out for private safari tours into the Nairobi National Park (driver included!), so even if you are tight on time, or bad at organizing excursions, you can still have an opportunity to explore the wilderness.

-Sophie Forbes, Source: Yahoo! Travel


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