Pikolinos Maasai Campaign 2013

Meet William Kikanae Ole Pere; the Maasai elder whom thanks to his tireless endeavor in search of a better and quality life for his tribe, saw the creation of the  “Maasai Project“.


The project which was successfully launched in 2008 saw the coming together of Pikolinos, the Spanish footwear brand & non-profit company and Alternative Trade & Microcredits (ADCAM). William initiated the idea of collaborating the Eco-friendly and socially responsible companies to create a footwear line that earns profits to further women’s development and additional projects in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

ESTRADA FOOTWEAR - Spring/Summer 2013 campaign

The Maasai Project seeks to supply the Maasai people with  resources and tools  needed to better both their educational and medical needs as well as help in preserving their endangered culture. All the embroidery featured in the campaign footwear is hand sewn by the Maasai women showcasing their intricate designs and natural artistic talents; this has seen about 1,600 women gain employment.

The embroidered leather pieces – brought to Kenya to be worked on by the Maasai women – are flown back to Spain where the processing of the complete product is done. Proceeds are then distributed to the Maasai tribe.





Olivia Palermo; model, fashion consultant and this year’s Maasai Project Brand Ambassador, got to experience first hand, the life and challenges  of the Maasai people during her tour to Maasai land in pursuit of getting to know the process of embroidery work as well as shoot the Summer 2013 campaign for Pikolinos.


In her own description of the amazing work produced by the collaboration,

“Fashion and development, cooperation and fashion, fashion and Free Trade – this combination is possible.”

“Thanks, Pikolinos, because indeed another world is possible.”

Olivia Palermo’s look book on her work and experience during her project trip to Kenya…














olivia-palermo-william-kikanae-pikolinosWilliam Kikanae and Olivia Palermo

6 thoughts on “Pikolinos Maasai Campaign 2013”

  1. Nice shoes, but what about the necklaces they are all wearing? Where can we purchase those? Can you pls share where?

    1. Hi Natalie, the necklaces can easily be obtained from Maasai Markets held on different locations within kenya’s Nairobi and Mombasa cities during the week. However if you are not within the country, you can place an order and we can easily get them for you. Also one can have them custom-made by the Maasai and the samburu communities.

      1. Hello – I am also interested in the necklaces and would like to place an order. Please provide contact information or order form. Thank you very much.

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