Rhino Charge 2013

Having gained immense popularity overtime, and  ranking as one of Kenya’s top highlights in the social and entertainment calendar, Rhino Charge is clearly no longer solely a preserve for the motorsport fraternity. The event currently has over two decades of physical endurance testing, extreme driving skills showcasing, tough challenging experiences, as well as lots of excitement under its belt. Rhino charge is not for the faint at heart!


The three day event, organized by The Rhino Ark Charitable Trust, is held to raise funds for a very noble cause – conservation of Kenya’s Aberdare, Mau, Mt. Eburu, and Mt. Kenya  Ecosystems. Individuals set to compete are required to raise the minimum sponsorship set by the organizing committee.

Rhino Charge competitors are required to visit 13 points scattered over approximately 100 square kms of rough terrain within a 10 hour period. The location of the event is kept secret until the start off which makes it even more challenging for the competitors as they are not accustomed to the terrain. Competitors are supplied with a 1:50,000 scale map of the venue, co-ordinates of the 13 Control Points and their Start position (at one of the Controls). Each competitor must plot the Control Points on the map and decide his/her route. Navigation is by compass/GPS and the winner is the competitor who visits all controls in the shortest distance (GPS measured).

car 64 slope

For those not taking part in the exciting challenge, this is the time to have fun camping in the wilderness, mingling with friends, not  forgetting cheering on the contestants as they tough it out.

car 45 slope

car 48 slope

car 63 priten

Day                       Time                    Activity

May 31 (Fri)           8.30 am             Rhino charge scrutineering

June 1 (sat)            7.30 am              Rhino charge event

June 2 (sun)         10.00am              Rhino charge prize giving

lucy_car 62 gauntlet

What to carry:

  •  A digital camera, its charger and a downloading cable.
  •   While Camping… you need to carry warm clothing for the night ,Slippers, Torch, Soap, Tooth Paste, Tissue Paper,  snacks and ID card
  •   Pocket money for departure days, en-route lunch, park fees, drinks, tips.

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