Msambweni Beach House

Msambweni House is located just south of Msambweni village on the remote southern coast of Kenya. This family owned and run property is uniquely set and enjoys seclusion away from the busier south coast areas, a stay here thus guarantees utmost exclusivity.

EZFThis small boutique lodge appeals to individuals seeking personalized service and an intimate beach experience. It constitutes three suites in the main building, two detached cottages and a further tented room. Maweni Beach House is well thought out with its elegant Swahili-inspired design oozing pure luxury.


W   ZGExpect top level comfort and service in this high-end property. Having your own private jacuzzi looking into the Indian ocean, butler service, and other staff at your disposal, Msambweni House is just the place to be. Highlight of the house is certainly its stunning centre-piece infinity pool that merges with the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. A whole range of activities are also offered here.

DA F SThe dining experience here is divine with meals being centred on Swahili, Belgian and French cuisine.Children of all ages are most welcome at Msambweni Beach House. There are no specific child care facilities but babysitting can easily be arranged. It is possible to tailor food requirements to children’s tastes and arrange for earlier meal times if required.

ZIILZJZRMsambweni House is almost certainly the best upper-end market option in the south and is open for rental on an exclusive basis. Keep in mind though, December is peak season so be sure to make reservations earlier in advance. It remains closed in May.

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