Stunning! 10 Kenyan hotels with breathtaking views

Segera Retreat, Laikipia Plateau

segera-retreat-over-viewWith Mount Kenya as the backdrop and spectacular views over the Laikipia Plateau, Segera Retreat is an extraordinary oasis of beauty.

The Majlis, Lamu

13-the-majlis-hotel-lamuIdyllic, luxurious, stylish, unique… The Majlis, with a superb beachfront location and breathtaking views over the bay and Lamu Island, offers the perfect setting and the ideal accommodation for barefoot luxury and informal pampering on your trip to Kenya.

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, Nanyuki

Fairmont-Mount-Kenya-Safari-Club-pool-viewWith magnificent views of majestic Mount Kenya, the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club Resort offers a unique blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure ideal for a superb holiday in Nanyuki.

Swahili Beach Resort, Diani

swahili-beach-pool-viewThis unique hotel offers a harmonious blend of the architectural influences from the East African coast, Arabia, India, and Zanzibar that have fused over millennia to create the vibrant Swahili culture. you can expect picturesque views across the gardens or cascading pools and of the Indian ocean.

Msambweni House, Msambweni – south coast small boutique lodge appeals to individuals seeking personalized service and an intimate beach experience. Highlight of the house is certainly its stunning centre-piece infinity pool that merges with the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

sasaab lodge, Samburu

saasab-lodge-stunning-viewSasaab is a sensational and stylish lodge, majestically situated on the high banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River (Kenya’s third largest watercourse). Sasaab commands breathtaking views across the arid landscape of the Northern Frontier District towards the jagged peak of Mt Kenya, and offers a truly exceptional safari experience in an area renowned for its variant species.

Loisaba koija star beds, Laikipia

870_koijastarbeds_bedview.jpgLoisaba Wilderness is outstandingly beautiful, its abundant wildlife is truly wild and its accommodation is comfortable beyond measure. Whether sleeping under the undisturbed African night sky on their unique Star Beds, rafting down the majestic Ewaso Ngiro and Ng’are Narok Rivers, or watching Africa’s best wildlife stroll past on a game drive, a visit to Loisaba will revive your mind, rejuvenate your body and revitalise your soul.

Mfangano Island Camp, Lake Victoria

mfangano-island-lake-viewLapped by the waters of Lake Victoria shaded by giant fig trees, and lost to the world, Mfangano Island Camp is an oasis of tranquility, an ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Almanara Resort, Diani

almanara-restaurant-viewWho would have thought, tucked away on the East Coast of Africa would be this little gem. The beach is picturesque perfect, stunning white sand and crystal clear blue seas.

Sirai House, Laikipia

sirai-pool-viewSituated high on a remote ridge at the edge of the indigenous cedar and wild olive forest, Sirai offers stunning views in every direction.


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