Why holidaymakers throng the coast for the christmas season

Its that time of the year again…well almost, just a few days remaining till December comes knocking. I’ll bet you anything that by this time most of us already have everything set for that Mombasa trip. You might not personally be traveling, but you most likely know of someone in your circles headed down to the coast for the holidays.

One thing is certain though, the Coastarians just can’t stand it when ‘Watu wa bara’ are around because suddenly the city gets congested, the beaches aren’t as relaxing and generally their comfort zone is altered.

Nevertheless, we attempt to define the phenomenon that has everyone running around trying to get last minute bookings…

Appeal of the Place

slider1Photo credit: H2O-extreme

Its been a long year;  work, school, exams…at the end of the day  sun, sand and sea seems like the perfect remedy. Moreover, the exotic appeal of the Island popularly  associated with fun, “Mombasa Raha”  is a major pull factor.


tourists-mombasaPhoto credit: Business daily Africa

For many individuals, this is one place they are guaranteed of having a memorable holiday experience, judging from last year’s events and the year before that. Be it visiting family and friends, quality of accommodation, people & culture or events… the reasons behind becoming repeat tourists here are varied and it is this sense of familiarity that makes this holiday destination tick for some.

End of year Events (Beach Parties)

tumblr_static_dance-friends-night-party-rave-favim.com-120797The Kenyan coast is where its happening come end of the year…with a whole range of beach parties and events on offer, why would anyone want to miss out?

Safety in numbers

original Many individuals tend to tag along with their friends simply at the thought of how much they’d be missing out…and as such the peer pressure factor comes in. On this occasion though, it is not such a bad thing…the more the merrier hey?

Imaging travel-quoteEach year, the Kenyan coast is captured as having been the most eventful region come Christmas and end of year. This drives the curious never-beens to head down come the next Christmas holiday season in order to find out for themselves what the fuss is all about. Imaging thus plays a key role here.


Tom-Horton-Nightlife-Photograhy-012Photo Credit: Tom-Horton

Having worked hard all year, most travelers head down to the coast to let loose and what better way to achieve this than through its nightlife? Mombasa in itself isn’t a raving spot although you may find one or two joints within the city. The life of the party however is in the resort area north of Mombasa with places like Mtwapa promising to rejuvenate your spirits. Many revelers are bound to fall in love with this region and might have some difficulty leaving.

Whatever your reason for going to the coast this season,  hope you have the time of your life!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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