Western Kenya untapped

Are you a value minded traveler looking to explore nature and enjoy delicious pot-boiling traditional foods? Then Kakamega and Bungoma counties in western Kenya are calling.
With a basketful of sights and sounds these areas will undoubtedly draw your appreciation for nature. Birding enthusiasts will for the most part love the Kakamega forest in Kakamega County, home to over 360 species of birds and more than 380 species of trees. The only tropical rainforest in the country, Kakamega forest is also host to 27 species of snakes, baboons, and white tail monkeys. An interesting spectacle here is Mama Mutere, a name coined by the locals for the oldest tree in the forest, nearly 400 years old.

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Kakamega forest also provides for nature walks although it is advised that one carries a heavy jacket and gumboots on some occasions as the forest can get quite chilly and the terrain muddy when it pours.

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Further down from kakamega is the stunning webuye (Broderick) falls in Bungoma County. Draining into Lake Victoria, the hippo infested falls serves as a beautiful destination for team building and great scenery. One can also enjoy a spectacular view of Webuye town from the Chetembe hills.

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To relax, indulge and explore what nature offers, these areas are available for tourists at pocket friendly fees.


Lastly, you cannot have been to western Kenya without trying their famous sumptuous meal of the traditional chicken (ingokho) and ugali. These can be enjoyed at Park Villa and Camp David hotels.

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