#Destinationweddings: Walk down the isle the Kenyan Way

Its a Saturday. Saturdays come with weddings…and what better place to host that dreamy, unforgettable event than amidst the beautiful landscapes that is our motherland?!

Destination wedding zurukenya 1 destination kenya zuru kenya 2

destination wedding zuru kenya 3

destination wedding zurukenya 4   destination wedding zuru kenya 6

destination wedding zuru kenya 5

destination wedding zuru kenya 7

destination wedding zuru kenya 8

destination wedding zuru kenya 9

destination wedding zuru kenya 10

  1. Some colourful Maasai flavor at your wedding – Porini Lion Camp 📷: Ali “Millzero” Nishan

2. Let’s go to the beach 📷: @distantrelativeskilifi

3. It gets so magical at the Mara – Maasai Mara 📷: Jonas Peterson

4. Look at that backdrop… so dreeeaamy – Maasai Mara 📷: Jonas Peterson

5. A runaway bride?….Not! – 📷: Mukima House Laikipia

6. How scenic is this Laikipian backdrop? wedding album should be out of this world 😲 📷: Mukima House Laikipia

7.  This wedding guest though…he/she really wanted to get in on the action 😂 – Giraffe Centre 📷: Cheetah Platt

8. Walk down the isle the Maasai way – Fairmont Safari Club Maasai Mara 📷: ChristopheViseux

9. The bride comes down the dhow steps – Turtle Bay Beach Club Watamu 📷: ChristopheViseux

10. And then there was the dhow wedding – Turtle Bay Beach Club Watamu 📷: ChristopheViseux


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