Traverse Africa in Four minutes with Yemi Alade and Sauti Sol

So I have just come across the “Africa” official Video by Yemi Alade ft Sauti Sol and now its on constant replay. Of course I had heard it a while back, but I really paid no mind to it because a song is never really a song until the video is out then you can put two and two together; Music Visuals in relation to the lyrics.

Just yesterday, some colleagues and I were discussing how Yemi Alade showcases so much culture and colour in her music videos – perhaps a depiction of the African Continent, based on her Mama Africa Album birthed in journeys around the continent – then I come across this today (To the African Gods who were listening, Thank you!). Yemi Alade has won millions over with this Album and so has Sauti Sol with Live and Die in Afrika. It is only right therefore, that they had a collaboration on this big hit “Africa”.

These two talents did not disappoint as usual, but the reason why this music video is on replay is not the polished blend of guitar and dancehall, no. It is merely the fact that  I remain fixeted on the beautiful people, landscapes, and wildlife. Basically the spirit that is our motherland. The video not only showcases our history, through the pics of the people responsible for our freedom today, It also shows the world the vibrancy that is our cultures, destinations and love for each other. Thanks to Yemi Alade and Sauti Sol, you get to traverse Africa in just four minutes.

If you’re still not exactly sure how Africa looks like, take a look at this Music Video. I’m sure you’ll be booking your next ticket here whilst getting down to the very danceable tune. Don’t get it twisted though, Africa is still not a country…so come to kenya first *wink*.

“Anywhere you go, nowhere be like Africa, no where be like home”

Fun Facts: 

  • ‘Africa’ video was shot in different locations – Nigeria, Kenya, UK and USA, celebrating the incomparable beauty and richness of Africa
  • The amazing backdrop of  landscapes and wildlife is yours truly, Kenya.

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