Miss Tourism Kenya set to take stage in September

Miss Tourism Kenya is  geared towards promotion of Tourist attraction sites  as well as creating awareness of Kenya’s diversity in  flora and fauna. The event is globally recognized and its aim is to promote tourism both internationally and locally. This year’s contest will feature county competitions as Kenya has since recognized a new form of government.


The County Competitions will follow a ‘heats’ model whereby preliminary competitions will be organized and some contestants selected to go further to the County Final competition. At the County Final contest, every county will parade a minimum of 12 contestants from which a County Delegate will be selected to represent that county at the National Final competition in Nairobi. Heats therefore will be organized in the major towns of each county. Training for the competition will focus highly on Deportment, Beauty, Public Speaking and Personality.

To join the Miss Tourism Kenya Contest follow the link; http://misstourismkenya.co.ke/contest.html and apply!


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