Chakula Chetu (our food)

You simply cannot claim to have been to Kenya having not sampled a taste of our varied ethnic flavors. No offense to the cuisine and delicacies offered at resorts, lodges and so forth (Tourists are more or less familiar with this tastes seeing as most are international cuisines) but ethnic Kenyan food will without a doubt be your taste buds’ new found love.  Getting to sample a people’s type of food gives you the true cultural experience I think.


Being a country of many tribes we sure do have a lot to offer food-wise seeing as every single ethnic group has a certain select meal they’d term as their own staple. Ranging from the sweet flavors of the coast to the love of ingokho (chicken) in the west, the simple adoration of fish in the south as well as the dedication to tubers and legumes in central,  Kenya is definitely your one stop shop for all things organic.


Kuku wa kupaka (chicken soaked in coconut sauce)

One thing is for sure though, walk through any Kenyan household and you won’t fail to find maize flour, the main ingredient for Kenya’s staple food Ugali. Tasteless on its own, this delicacy goes well with Sukuma Wiki ( literally push-the-week) – collard greens, or the otherwise people’s favorite Nyama Choma (roast meet).


If you are yet to enjoy the sumptuous Kenyan tastes, let this be the first thing you do next time you are in Kenya.














wali nyama na mayai

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